Friday, March 16

Lizzy is 14

I'm 14 and luv'n it.

Thats 72 in human years (Ageing/cats-age-in-human-years) however 72 is the new 32 hahahaha

Monday, June 12

....and then it was 2017

Here I am aged 13, mature , wise , even more cunning and very comfortable thank you.

Monday, November 7

2016 Update

Hello Lizzy here ,

Just to let everyone know I'm fine and have just moved again to Kohukohu which is in the Far North miles from anywhere.

Friday, September 11

Update for 2015

After a brief stint at a foster home on the north shore I am now happily living in Kerikeri with my original owner.

Thursday, February 6

Poked and prodded

On my way back from the Vet, having been jabbed twice , a pill shoved down my throat , a thermometer put somewhere I would rather not say, my ears looked in, teeth checked and an RFD tag stuck in me ....I feel violated !!